High Touch High Tech Summer programs are totally hands-on for each and every child. All workshops are designed specifically for campers ages 3-5 years & 6-12 years. Each sizzlin' summer workshop lasts for 30 minutes. Our Science Instructor will engage each online class in non-stop, hands-on, FUN learning! 

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!


To address your summer camp needs, High Touch High Tech is pleased to offer
Two Camp Options this Summer!
Option #1: On-location Program
Option #2: Online Program with STEM kit delivery

Online Summer Camp with STEM kit delivery!
Make summer fun with science! High Touch High Tech is the experience that comes to you, thrilling for kids of all ages!  By enrolling in our Online Camp option, students can have an exciting, hands-on, and educational experience!  High Touch High Tech delivers all experiment supplies to your location! Students will be guided via Zoom conference by a High Touch High Tech scientist to learn the science behind the experiment! 

Our online camp is a safe option for children at home during summer break!  While family vacations may be canceled, High Touch High Tech can create lifelong memories for your children! Our scientist will establish a passion for STEM in your children while remaining socially distant! 

Please inquire about our on-location experience as well!  As summer camps continue to operate for working parents, High Touch High Tech offers an on-location option! 

High Touch High Tech will engage your campers in exploratory, hands-on, FUN, science experiences for 30-minutes.

30-minute session
$5.00 per student 
30 student minimum enrollment
*Please Note: A $20.00 delivery fee may apply*


Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

PROGRAM GUIDE See our summer program line-up by clicking on the link below! 2020 Summer Camp Program Guide

HTHT @ Home!

Check out these FUN and engaging experiments you can do right at home. Bring these exciting experiments to life using simple materials found around your house!

Experiment Lesson Plan Video        Blog Post
Fungi Prints Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Germ Game Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Compost in a Cup Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Chromatography Flowers Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Bee Pollination Game Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Bird Migration Observation Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Sugar Cube Igloo Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Make a Sundial Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Smarty Plants Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Solar Oven S'mores Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Ice Cube Fishing Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Ice Cream Recipe Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Exploding Colors Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Lava Lamp Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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