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Serving All Northern New Jersey and Rockland County Elementary Schools

High Touch High Tech:
Science Education In A FUN Way Through Hands-on Exploration!

The High Touch High Tech experience encourages students of all ages to reach their full potential - allowing for direct observations & opening the door to thought-provoking science.

Our highly trained team of scientists are genuinely passionate about science education – their extensive knowledge & love of teaching translates into the highest quality educational experience for your entire classroom.

All of our programs are centered on the individual child's experience & can be adapted to fit the needs of your classroom & grade level. With more than 50 Elementary Science & Nature workshops - you can find the program that works best for you!

Boost your students confidence for standardized testing with our innovative & totally hands-on in-school field trips! Our programs are designed to enhance your curriculum & go hand-in-hand with the NJ Standards for Science.


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For our list of Classic Elementary Programs please see below

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

Our Classic Elementary Programs:

Find out how much fun chemistry can be! Build your own chromatography chamber and watch the colors separate before your very eyes. Make you own silly putty and gummy bears as we learn REAL chemistry!

Dig It©
Step into the world of Geology. Learn about gems, rocks, and minerals and where they come from. Uncover the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Pan for real gems and keep what you find. Perform acid tests and more as we classify our gems. Find out why these gems are so precious.

What's the Matter©
Find out what really matters. Have FUN as we explore all different types of matter. Discover bubbling potions for yourself, watch air take up space and even have a contest with carbon dioxide!

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather, as we take an up close and hands-on look at a real tornado. Watch as we make thunder. Discover all the amazing properties of air and air pressure. Touch lightning! 

Smarty Plants©
Discover the amazing world of plants. Learn about photosynthesis and germination. Have a hands-on look at roots, shoots and transportation inside a plant. Get all the "seedy" facts!

Get the facts on those natural acts! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes. Learn about our changing conditions which cause these phenomena. Have FUN as we make them happen in your classroom.

Globs, Goo and Guts©
Roll up your sleeves and make all kinds of icky sticky stuff! Have a hands-on look at real cow guts! Learn the systems of the body, and find out what makes us tick!

Edison's Workshop©
Explore the amazing world of electricity. Learn what is "current" as you make your very oun electroscope. Get all the "Hair-Raising" facts on static electricity. Create a circuit and make bells chime!

Call today or simply complete your reservation request form on-line to schedule your next in-school science field trip with High Touch High Tech. We look forward to visiting your classroom soon!

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!


90-Minute In-Class Field Trip:

$9.25 per student: 
*Please Note: A $20.00 Travel Fee Per Scientist Per Day Will Apply in all counties. Bergen and Rockland counties require a $15.00 travel fee.

This supply intensive, educational experience includes all equipment and materials needed to turn your classroom into a real science laboratory!

We use materials that are concrete, safe and relevant to the everyday lives for children of all ages. Upon completion of the field trip, students will receive a cool science certificate and ALL programs provide make-and-take experiments.

Teachers and Parent Chaperones are welcome to participate free of charge. Program fees are usually paid by Parents, PTA/PTO or Grant Dollars.

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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